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Passing on fees

What fees you are able to pass on to the buyer will depend on the merchant you connect.

Stripe (Preferred)

When you connect a Stripe merchant account to Ticketstripe, you have the following fee options with every Ticket or Donation:

  • Pass credit card and service fees to the buyer
  • Absorb credit card and service fees
  • Pass the service fee to the buyer and absorb the credit card fee

Having per ticket or donation flexibility with fees is incredibly useful as some organizers would prefer to absorb all fees on a $3,000 Sponsor Package and pass all fees to other donations or ticket purchases.

Additionally, all fees are deducted automatically and refunds can be processed via Ticketstripe for ease of use.

By default the “Pass All Fees to the Buyer” will be selected for tickets and donations as this is a common and preferred practice. To change the fee setting, navigate to the Ticket or Donation item, click Edit and then click More Options. Select your desired fee option from the dropdown under Fees.


When you connect a PayPal merchant account to Ticketstripe, you may only pass on the service fee to the buyer, not the merchant fee. PayPal will deduct their credit card fees for every transaction processed from your PayPal account.

When you elect to pass on Ticketstripe’s service fee to your buyers (the default option), the full value of your ticket + Ticketstripe’s service fee is paid by your ticket buyers and deposited into your PayPal account with every purchase. Ticketstripe’s service fees are NOT deducted from the transaction. For this reason you will receive an invoice from Ticketstripe at various intervals throughout the month to collect service fees due on tickets sold up through the date of the invoice. These invoices are due upon receipt and if not paid within 7 days your Ticketstripe account will be limited.

You may also choose to absorb the service fees. Whether you pass on or absorb the service fees, Ticketstripe will invoice you to collect them.

Refunds with a PayPal account can only be processed via your PayPal control panel. You will then need to cancel those orders within your Ticketstripe account.

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