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Ticketstripe Box Office App Tutorial

Use Ticketstripe’s Box Office app to accept cash, credit/debit cards, and Google/Apple wallet payments at the door.

The Box Office app functionality of our app is available on Android phones and iOS phones, tablets and Mac Books in the United States.

All Ticketstripe accounts can use our Box Office app to accept cash payments.

To accept credit card and wallet payments your Ticketstripe account requires a connected Stripe account and a Stripe Reader M2 that can be purchased directly from Stripe.

Connect Stripe Reader M2 to Ticketstripe Box Office

1. Order a Stripe Reader M2 here

2. Sign into your Ticketstripe account and add a Box Office Location here

This is the physical address where you will be using your Stripe Reader M2. You will need it to connect your reader.

3. Download the Android app here

4. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and the Stripe Reader M2


  • Make sure your Stripe Reader M2 is fully charged
  • Do not manually pair the Stripe Reader M2 until our app prompts you to connect

5. Launch the Ticketstripe app. Sign in > Go to Settings (Menu) 

To use the Box Office you can sign in with your main Ticketstripe account or, if multiple people will be assisting with sales, you can create a separate user with access to Box Office only here.

6. Click on Credit Card Terminal and follow App instructions to connect your Stripe Reader M2

If this is a new Stripe Reader M2, there will be a software update that might last 10 to 30 minutes. The app will show the update progress. Do not close or switch from the app while downloading or it might interrupt the process. Once the update finishes downloading and installing it will switch back to the Settings screen showing a successful connection status.

Accept Payments With Ticketstripe Box Office

1. Once your phone has connected with the Stripe Reader M2, tap on the menu and choose My Events. From the list of events tap on the event you want to sell tickets to.
Tap Menu > Sell Tickets

box office event

From here you will be able to add tickets to the cart and accept payments via Swipe, Tap or Chip Insert method, as well as Google or Apple wallet payments.

Add the desired ticket quantity to the cart by tapping on the plus sign next to the ticket.

Select tickets and quantity

2. Once you are ready to process payment tap on the CARD button (or CASH) at the bottom of your screen.

3. On the next screen you may enter optional customer information, like name and email. Tap CONTINUE.

collect customer info at the door

4. Now the App will display “Ready for Payment” message. Instruct your attendee to Tap, Swipe or Insert their card.

5. Once the payment is processed successfully you will see a confirmation page with the order summary.

On this page you can tap Done to start a new order. Tap Email to send tickets and a receipt to the customer. Tap Check In All to mark all tickets within this order as checked-in to the event.

success screen in box office

Cash Payments:

By default Cash Sales are disabled.

To enable Cash Sales go to your Ticketstripe Dashboard > My Account > Box Office settings or click here.


Fees for tickets sold via Box Office are the same as for tickets online. The only exception is that you cannot pass on merchant fees to your buyers using the Box Office app. All merchant fees for tickets sold using our Box Office app at the door will be absorbed by the event organizer.

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