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Our current list of features reflects a close collaboration with our organizers. You ask, and we build. Need something that isn’t here? Let’s talk.

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All Events

All Ticketstripe features are available to all event creators selling tickets online and at the door, regardless of the type of event. There are no pay gates, no setup or monthly fees – use everything we offer at no charge for free events or for a small fee with every ticket sold (that can be passed on to the ticket buyer).

Create and Customize

Customizable event pages

Customize your event page for a seamless customer experience. Add your logo, event photo and edit the event listing colors so that the page best represents your organization.

Unlimited event listings

List all your events and sell tickets with Ticketstripe. There are no limits or pay gates.

Custom event URL

A unique event link is easier for your customers to remember and to promote in your marketing materials. Customize your event link in the Links & Widgets section of your Ticketstripe event dashboard.

Unlimited ticket types

You can create as many ticket types as you can imagine. Unlike other leading platforms, we do not pay-wall ticket types. From General Admission and VIP tickets to Family and Group packages, from Individual seats and Table tickets to Sponsorship and Tier offerings, from Public and Private tickets to Comped, Ticketstripe enables you to create as many tickets as you want.

You can even list merchandise, such as t-shirts, swag, coasters, etc.

Private & hidden tickets

The hidden ticket feature enables you to create tickets that are only visible to a segment of your audience.

Share a direct link to these private tickets to offer promotions and discounts.

Ticket bundles

Ticket bundles allow you to combine available tickets together and create a package. Oftentimes this feature is used to offer sponsor tickets, table or group tickets, BOGOs, special pricing, and admission with donation.

  • The bundle purchaser receives an email inviting them to share the individual tickets via a one-click, no-login-necessary link.
  • The organizer automatically collects information from claimed tickets.
  • Every ticket has a unique barcode making entry for individual attendees, as well as groups, at the door a breeze with our ticket-scanning app.
  • The bundle purchaser or the organizer can reclaim and redistribute individual tickets if there are any last-minute changes.

Pay-what-you-wish tickets

Pay-What-You-Wish or Pay-What-You-Can tickets allow the attendee to pay any amount for an admission ticket. This ticket type is easy to create and will appear in the Tickets section of your event page.

Timed tickets

Automatically control ticket start and end dates, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. This is especially useful when listing tiered tickets, such as Early Bird admission.


Claim-Your-Ticket is a unique feature that helps organizers collect 100% attendee data. When setting up a Ticket Bundle, the organizer can make Claim-Your-Ticket optional or required.

If required, the ticket bundle buyer will need to share individual tickets in their package, and individual attendees must claim their tickets in order for a barcode to be generated on the ticket.

We simplify ticket sharing with a secure, no login-in ticket wallet link containing all tickets purchased from a bundle. The buyer can electronically share or print each bundled ticket, and attendees can easily claim physical or electronic tickets shared with them.

Attendee info collection

Ticketstripe will collect standard attendee information for you by default. You can also collect any additional information (like meal preferences, t-shirt sizes, reserved table names, and more) by creating custom questions for attendees to answer when they register. Our event ticketing software offers a variety of formats making the process quick and easy.

Customizable time zones and currency

Organize events and accept payments worldwide with time zone settings and 135+ available currencies.

Flexible donations

Flexible Donations or “pay-what-you-wish” (PWYW) allows the donor to enter their own donation amount or ticket purchase price within limits set up by the event organizer.

Suggested donations & tiers

Add unlimited donation types to your event, from suggested to tiered donations, sponsor packages and donations with or without admission. Read more in our Non-profit section.

Enter offline orders

We understand the value of having all your customer and event data in one centralized location.

Do you receive payments outside of the Ticketstripe platform? Record all your orders in Ticketstripe to keep your data centralized and to take advantage of the same benefits Ticketstripe offers for tickets sold online, like email confirmations, receipts, ticket sharing and at-the-door attendee check-in.

All manual orders entered do not incur Tiketstripe service fees.

Multiple delivery methods

Deliver tickets automatically as an e-ticket email (default) as well as let attendees store tickets in their digital Apple, Google and Ticketstripe wallets; or offer a will-call delivery of physical tickets using our mobile box office or attendee printed lists.

Want to physically mail tickets or wristbands? Add custom delivery methods and charge a delivery fee if necessary.

Attendee ticket wallet

Customers can save their ticket to a Google or Apple wallet as well as manage their tickets via Ticketstripe’s secure ticket wallet.

Sales tax

You have the option to collect sales tax based on your tax obligation.

Custom fee

Do you have additional costs associated with every ticket? Add a custom organizer fee to your tickets and keep it separate from the ticket’s face value.

Free tickets are free

There is never a service fee for free tickets. Event creators can use all of our tools free of charge for free events.

Pass fees to buyers

Sell tickets with Stripe or PayPal, and pass all fees (merchant and service) to the buyer or donor. Additionally, all fees are deducted automatically.

Don’t want your attendees to pay fees? No problem; you can absorb all fees or customize per ticket type.

Customizable order confirmation message

Personalize the order confirmation email by adding a customized message.

Message after purchase

Enter a customized message to include on the purchased ticket.

Custom barcodes

Selling tickets with custom barcodes? We can import unlimited barcodes to use with our ticketing platform. *
*Paid events only

Event promotion

Discount codes

Offer discounts on regular ticket prices by creating per ticket discount codes. Share discount codes with your attendees to be redeemed at checkout. The code applied will reduce the price of the ticket you associate with that discount. Discounts can be a fixed amount or percentage-based, and you can limit the total number of tickets the coupon can be used on.

Mobile-optimized purchase flow

A fast and easy, mobile-optimized checkout process means more ticket purchases, donations and event registrations.

Search engine optimized event pages

Search engine optimized (SEO) event pages means you’ll reach more people through keyword searches and local results on Google and other search engines.

Social sharing tools

Every event page showcases your brand and comes with built-in social sharing buttons to make that all-important share easy.

Facebook & Google tracking pixels

Plug in your Facebook and Google pixels to track your marketing campaigns and event page traffic. Know which channels are bringing in the sales and use this information to optimize and manage your campaigns.

Promoter/affiliate tracking links

The Promoter feature allows you to assign multiple promoters to your event and track their traffic and sales separately from your main event page.

Website event widgets

The customizable button widget will generate a snippet of code to place on your website, connecting your website visitors to your private-branded event page.

Customizable message for order confirmation emails

Customize confirmation emails your ticket buyers and donors will receive with a personalized message.

Customizable tickets for virtual events

Include all the virtual event details in the e-ticket eliminating the need to create auto-generated emails from other platforms. Add after purchase messages based on the ticket type or donation.

Customizable digital tickets

Personalize e-tickets you sell with sponsor logos, images or other advertisements. Leverage this powerful method to increase customer retention without increasing your marketing budget.

Customer data export

We make it easy to segment and export or print your customer data.

Event management

Recurring events

The recurring events feature saves you time listing multiple event schedules.

  • All recurring events share basic event details like, title, description, image, tickets; making it easy to manage all events in one place.
  • There is one link to the event page. Visitors will be able to choose preferred dates/times.
  • Each event has its own Attendee list and Orders report

Duplicate events

Easily duplicate your event and make changes to the new event without having to re-enter event details.

Postpone events

Event got postponed? Use this handy postpone feature to notify all your customers and postpone or cancel your event.

Add attendee

Add attendees manually via your Ticketstripe dashboard and choose whether to send them an e-ticket or receipt.

Edit orders

Event organizers can easily edit attendee tickets after purchase via their Ticketstripe dashboard. This is useful when an attendee requests to change the name on a ticket or you need to change their ticket type.

Create orders manually

Event organizers that receive ticket payments and sponsor donations via cash, check or credit card outside of the Ticketstripe platform can record manual orders and automatically generate an electronic ticket or receipt, keeping all attendee and donor data in one place.

Real-time sales data

Track ticket sales and donations in real time to help you make informed marketing decisions.

Email attendees

Keep your attendees informed about your event using the Email Attendees tool. Email all attendees or segment by ticket types.

For more custom email options, export your customer data for use with a third party email service provider.

Customizable attendee list

Generate customized attendee lists that you can then print or export.

Order management

Cancel or refund orders via your dashboard when connected to a Stripe merchant account.

If you are connected to a PayPal account, you must refund orders within your PayPal dashboard and then cancel them in Ticketstripe.

Automated sales notifications

As you sell tickets, Ticketstripe will notify you via email about every ticket purchase and donation. You can set your notification preferences in settings to add additional emails or to opt-out from notifications.

Team access

Keep your account secure and stay in full control of your event by adding additional Ticketstripe user roles for your staff and volunteers. Additional roles include: Event Administrator, Event Analyst, Check-in Assistant, and Box Office. All roles can be added account-wide for all or individual events.

Payment and Security

Sell tickets with Stripe

Connect your existing Stripe account with Ticketstripe or sign up for a new one right from our dashboard. It only takes a few minutes to start selling tickets with Stripe.

All sales will be processed via your Stripe merchant and deposited into your Stripe account immediately. Stripe will deposit funds into your connected bank account on a rolling basis (usually 2 business days after every transaction), or you can choose how often you want Stripe to make the deposits.

When you sell tickets with Stripe, you can pass all fees (merchant and service) to the buyer or donor, and fees are deducted automatically.

Payment methods include credit & debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Klarna.

Sell tickets with PayPal

Connect your PayPal account with Ticketstripe to start selling tickets. Once your account is connected, all proceeds will be deposited into your PayPal account immediately after every transaction.

When you sell tickets with PayPal you can pass all fees to the buyer: Ticketstripe’s service fee + PayPal’s processing fee.

Payment methods include debit & credit card, Venmo & PayPal payments, and Pay Later.

Accept all major credit cards

Credit and debit cards are the preferred choice for customers to purchase tickets online and donate. With Ticketstripe your customers can securely pay using all major cards.

Accept payments in 135+ currencies

Stripe and PayPal are global payment providers processing payments in 135+ currencies, allowing you to charge customers in their native currency while receiving funds in yours.

Accept Google Pay and Apple Pay

An increasing amount of buyers are using digital wallets to pay. The most popular of these are Apple Pay and Google Pay. With Ticketstripe you can accept payment via these methods.

Accept Google and Apple Wallet payments at the door

When you connect Ticketstripe with a Stripe merchant account, you can accept Google Pay and Apple Pay at the door for ticket sales, donations and merchandise using our Ticketstripe Box Office app and a Stripe Reader M2 Bluetooth payment reader.

Accept Venmo

Accept Venmo payments when you sell tickets and ask for donations with Ticketstripe by choosing PayPal as your payment processor.

Enter offline payments

If you receive ticket payment or sponsor donations via cash, check or credit card externally, you can record payments manually in your Ticketstripe dashboard. There are no fees for recording manual orders and you, the organizer, as well as your attendees will benefit from the same features that Ticketstripe offers for online payments like automated e-tickets, receipts, attendee information collection and attendee management at the event.

Buy now. Pay over time.

This method is growing in popularity every year, and for a good reason. Customers like the flexibility of breaking down large ticket purchases into interest-free payments.

When you sell tickets with a Stripe-connected account, you can let your customers pay over time while you get paid in full upfront with Klarna or Pay Later with a PayPal-connected account.

Compliance and security

One of the biggest challenges businesses face online is responsible and secure handling of customer and payment data. When you are selling tickets with Stripe or PayPal, you can be confident that all payment data is handled by the merchant in compliance with PCI DSS requirements. Ticketstripe does not have access to or stores any sensitive payment data like credit card, debit card or other payment method information. This data is processed securely and directly by your merchant.

Payout by direct deposit

When a ticket is sold or donation received, you, as the organizer, get paid directly into your merchant account, Stripe or PayPal. Transactions will appear in your merchant account immediately after every sale. Ticketstripe does not handle proceeds from your ticket sales or donations. It is your money. Your merchant account will pay out funds into your connected bank per your merchant account settings.

Your customer data

You control your attendee data – we only process it for you. Unlike other ticketing and event management platforms that monetize your data, we will never share or use your attendee data for our own purposes. Your data is yours to keep or delete.

Privacy laws and regulations

We take privacy seriously and keep Ticketstripe compliant with the fast changing world of privacy laws and regulations so organizers can focus on creating events.

Organizer & Attendee Customer Support

Online help center

Get immediate answers and step by step instructions to your questions via our organizer and attendee help centers.

Email support 24/7

Enjoy fast and friendly support from knowledgeable team members that care about the success of your event and value your time.

Chat support

Don’t feel like waiting for an email response, use our online chat support to get quick assistance.

Phone support

Phone support is available for Ticketstripe managed accounts or by appointment.

Platform training

Our general demo and demo for nonprofits answer most questions about our platform. However, additional platform training is provided for custom features upon request.

Customer success account manager

Large organizations and events with over five thousand attendees will be assigned a customer success account manager. However, all accounts, no matter how large or small, receive fast and friendly support from knowledgeable Ticketstripe agents who care about your success.

Fundraising and Charity

The following features were developed in collaboration with our charitable and fundraising event creators to enable you to raise more funds and awareness for your cause.

Discounted service fees

We are proud to offer nonprofit organizations, charities and fundraisers discounted service fees for your ticket buyers and donors. See pricing.

Pass on all fees to your donors/customers and use Ticketstripe for free, or absorb all fees. The choice is yours. Unlike many “Zero Fee” Fundraising Platforms, Ticketstripe will never solicit your donors for donations toward our platform.

Flexible fee options

When you sell tickets or accept donations with Stripe and PayPal, you can:

  • pass on both merchant and service fees to the patron
  • absorb both merchant and service fees
  • absorb the merchant and pass on the service fees

Flexible donations and "pay-what-you-wish" (PWYW)

Flexible Donations and “pay-what-you-wish” (PWYW) allow the donor to enter their own donation amount within limits set up by the event organizer in exchange for an admission ticket. All donations will appear in the Donations section of your event page. If you would prefer the PWYW ticket to appear in the Tickets section of your event page, create it as a ticket versus a Donation with admission.

Suggested donations

The suggested donation feature lets organizers add up to seven contribution amounts in a single entry (donor box) – including a flexible “other” option.

Tiered donations

Tiered donations enable organizers to add multiple donation types that work great for different levels of sponsorship offering. For example: Platinum Sponsor, Gold Sponsor, Silver Sponsor.

Ticket bundles (table, sponsor, group tickets)

Use Ticket Bundles to collect more attendee data from shared tickets, to create packages, and for multi-day tickets. This is often used to offer sponsor tickets, table or group tickets, BOGOs, special pricing, and admission with donations.

Fair market value

Ticketstripe’s donation software allows nonprofit organizations to input the Fair Market Value for tickets and donations, which can be displayed on the purchaser’s receipt automatically.

Tax receipts

Donation receipts act as official proof of monetary contributions and help donors claim a tax deduction. Organizers can choose to include their Tax ID on donors’ receipts.

Event promoter accounts

Ticketstripe’s Promoter feature makes it easy to assign multiple promoters to your event and track their traffic and sales separately, much like peer-to-peer fundraising.

Each promoter will receive a custom link to share with their audiences. Ticket buyers and donors will click through the promoter link and land on your event page to purchase or donate.

Volunteer accounts

Add volunteer accounts to assist with checking in attendees or selling tickets at the door. These additional users will have access to necessary event information without having access to sensitive account or event details.

Custom development

Our platform is robust and flexible, allowing us to quickly develop custom solutions to fit your unique event needs. Do you need something that’s not in this list of features? Get in touch here.


Selling tickets online for a festival? From music to food and beverage, and everything in-between, here are some additional features to make your next festival, concert, or tasting event a success.

Unlimited ticket types

There are many different levels of tickets a festival event will want to list, such as general admission, VIP, and add-ons like tasting tokens and merchandise. List and bundle as many tickets as your event needs.

Group registration

Do you want to bundle tickets or several items into one discounted package? Ticketstripe’s ticket bundle feature will enable your buyers to purchase packages and easily share individual tickets with the rest of the group. Event organizers will collect attendee information from all guests when they claim their tickets.

Timed ticket sales

Set the date and time when tickets should automatically go up for sale on your event page. This feature is especially useful for early bird tickets and other promotions. Eliminate the need to manually end and start ticket sales.

Set custom organizer fees

Do you have additional expenses associated with every ticket that cannot be included in your ticket’s face value? Perhaps there is an additional fee you want to charge on certain tickets like facility, handling or a booking fee. You are in control! Set and keep custom organizer fees when you sell tickets for your event online and at the door.

Promoter tracking

Our Promoter feature allows you to assign multiple promoters to your event and track their traffic and sales separately from your own marketing efforts. Each promoter will get a customizable link to your event page and you control what ticket types your promoters can sell.

Delivery methods

Deliver tickets automatically as an e-ticket via email as well as let attendees store tickets in their digital Apple, Google and Ticketstripe wallets. Use Will-call if you would prefer to offer ticket pickup using our mobile box office or attendee printed lists. Have something else in mind? Offer a custom delivery method like shipment via postal service and charge a separate fee for shipping and handling if necessary.

Team permissions

Adding additional users to your account comes in handy when your staff or volunteers assist with checking in attendees or selling tickets at the door. You can add additional users for specific roles that do not have access to sensitive account or event information.

Additional roles include: Check-in Assistant, Event Analyst, and Box Office. All roles can be added account-wide for all or individual events.

Buy now and pay over time

Open the gate to more customers by allowing them to pay for large ticket purchases over time with Klarna or Pay Later. Customers like the flexibility of breaking down large ticket purchases into interest-free payments. When you sell tickets with Ticketstripe and are connected to a Stripe merchant account, you can let your customers pay over time, while you get paid in full up front with Klarna or Pay Later with a PayPal-connected account.

At The Door

Expedite check-in and sell tickets at the door with our powerful mobile app available on Android and Apple devices.

Ticket scanning

With Ticketstripe’s mobile app your team can scan digital or paper tickets from multiple mobile devices simultaneously. Unique QR codes on every ticket will help you to prevent fraud while keeping the line moving quickly.

Real time attendee management

Keep selling tickets online and at-the-door as your guests are starting to arrive and throughout your entire event. Our app will enable you to scan tickets and manage attendees in real time.

At-the-door sales

Accept card payments (swipe, tap or insert) as well as Google and Apple wallet payments with the Box Office feature of Ticketstripe’s mobile app when you connect to a Stripe reader.

Accept cash payments at the door using our mobile box office app and keep all your attendee information in one place.

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