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Looking for a ticketing service like Eventbrite? A cheaper alternative, perhaps? Ticketstripe is an easy-to-use ticketing platform that lets you quickly set up online ticket sales, sell tickets at the door, and effortlessly manage attendees. With lower fees and faster payouts than Eventbrite, we’re the alternative ticketing service that puts you first and helps you keep more of your hard-earned money.

Lower Fees
Immediate Funding
Support from Real People
Personalized Event Pages

Lower Fees Means More Profit

Eventbrite’s fees can add up quickly. There are:

  • Service fees
  • Processing fees
  • Flat fees
  • Subscription fees

Ticketing fees with Eventbrite:

  • A service fee of 3.7% and a flat fee of $1.79 for every ticket sold +
  • Pay per event or monthly subscription fees +
  • A payment processing fee of 2.9% for each transaction

Eventbrite allows you to transfer some (but not all) of those fees to the ticket purchaser. That lowers upfront costs but makes your tickets more expensive to attendees.

Eventbrite also charges tiered flat fees based on the number of ticket types you list on the event page. (General admission, VIP, presale exclusives, etc.) You’re limited to a set number unless you pay more.

Compare Eventbrite’s fees to Ticketstripe’s fees, and it’s easy to spot the savings. Ticketstripe pricing is easy to understand and doesn’t fluctuate.

Ticketing fees with Ticketstripe:

  • A Ticketstripe service fee of 2.5% and a flat fee of $0.99 for every ticket sold +
  • A Stripe payment processing fee of 2.9% for each transaction

There are No price tiers, No subscriptions, and No fees for free, comped, or cash tickets. That translates into hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings per event!

For example, if you charge $60 per ticket for your upcoming beer festival, Ticketstripe could save you +$1.5 per ticket in fees. Attendance at small festivals is usually between 600 to 1,000 people, which could mean up to $1,500 in profit you would otherwise pay out in fees to Eventbrite.

At Ticketstripe, we prioritize you, the event organizer. That’s why we enable you to pass all fees to the buyer, making our platform entirely FREE for you. And lower fees for the ticket buyer make for a happier attendee and more tickets sold.

Organizing a charity, faith-based or fundraiser event? You get 50% off our fees. Learn more here.

Immediate Funding

Frustrated with Eventbrite holding on to your funds until after the event? With Ticketstripe, you are in complete control of your proceeds because all transactions are processed via your own Stripe or PayPal account. You decide where to transfer funds and how often, so you’ll get proceeds from your ticket sales immediately (not after your event is over).

Support that’s Actually Helpful

Your online ticketing partner should be there for you. How frustrating is it when you reach out to support and get an automated chatbot that can’t answer your question?
Ticketstripe puts people first. Our support services are second to none and include:

  • Interactive Q&A sessions
  • Personalized platform demos
  • Prompt email, live chat, and phone support

Plus, if attendees have questions about their tickets, we offer the same quality support to them!

Here are a few customer testimonials that speak to the experience, care, and dedication of our support team.

Their personal touch was amazing, and if I had any questions, they were answered immediately by someone in the know. Your customer service is amazing! Gladys O.

In my experience, it is exceptionally rare to encounter the kind of responsiveness and agility that you and your support team have shown in responding to my queries, and even rarer to enjoy such care and attention as a prospect who has not yet spent one dime with your company. Bonnie B.

Your support team is so prompt and professional! Monique B.

A Personalized Event Page

When an attendee goes to your ticketing page, you don’t want them to get confused or distracted. Inconsistent branding and advertisements for other events can do that.

  • Eventbrite gives its branding priority over your own, with its main navigation and logo at the top of your event page.
  • Eventbrite places advertisements for other events at the bottom of your event page, which can lead to purchasers clicking away from buying your tickets at the last minute!
  • Eventbrite monetizes the data they collect from your ticket buyers.

With Ticketstripe, you can personalize event pages that put your brand front and center. Add custom logos, photos, flyers, and more to generate excitement for your event—not someone else’s.

Personalized Event PagesWe’ll never market other events to your attendees or share your attendees’ information with anyone but you. That information is yours to keep or delete.

The Ticketing Service App Alternative

From the beginning, Ticketstripe was designed around you—the event organizer.

We created our online ticketing platform with essential tools you need to sell, track, and manage all kinds of events, from small charitable fundraisers to massive outdoor music festivals alike.

Ticketstripe offers:

  • Easy event setup and fast funding
  • Flexible ticketing and event registration tools
  • An app to scan and sell tickets at the door
  • Amazing customer support from real people

You get access to all our tools from the start and for free. And if you need help understanding or taking advantage of all that Ticketstripe has to offer, our dedicated support staff is there whenever you need them.

Schedule a Q&A session or demo today to see how Ticketstripe can help you plan a sell-out event.

Ticketstripe – the easier, cheaper alternative to Eventbrite.

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