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The Best Eventbrite Alternative for Nonprofits

Reduced fees for nonprofits
Accept donations
Collect more attendee data

For nonprofits, every penny saved is a penny you can put back into the organization. That’s why so many nonprofit event organizers are searching for Eventbrite alternatives. Their platform service, merchant, and subscription fees can add up quickly. And now Eventbrite charges for free tickets!

Ticketstripe is the alternative to Eventbrite you’ve been looking for. You can sell tickets, accept donations, and manage registrations for free while passing on reduced nonprofit fees to your patrons. With Ticketstripe, nonprofits can save as much as 50% or more in fees compared to other platforms. And free tickets are always free.

Reduced Fees Equal Increased Proceeds

While money may not be the ultimate goal of your nonprofit organization, it is the resource you need to raise awareness for your cause and make a difference. Doesn’t it make sense to save as much as you can?

Eventbrite doesn’t offer reduced ticketing fees for nonprofits, charities, or fundraiser events. Their fees are the same for all events, and the only way to get a discount is to pay more for a higher tier on their monthly subscription plan.

Eventbrite’s Fees

Let’s look at Eventbrite’s fee structure to see just how much money you could be giving away.

  1. A service fee of 3.7% PLUS a flat rate of $1.79 for every ticket sold.
  2. Want to offer free tickets for a free event? You’ll have to pay a subscription fee or per-event fee.
  3. A payment processing fee of 2.9% for the total transaction.

Say, for example, you plan on selling 300 tickets, priced at $50 per ticket plus free tickets, to a charity fundraiser. With Eventbrite, you’ll pay:

  • $49.99 for the event (or subscribe for $159 per month)
  • $1,092 in Service fees
  • $480 in Payment processing fees

That adds up to $1,622 in fees. If ticket sales represent a significant portion of the proceeds you expect to earn, your $15,000 earnings could be slashed by over 10%, even if you pass on a portion of these fees to the buyer.

Ticketstripe’s Fees

Ticketstripe is passionate about helping charitable organizations help others and is a significantly cheaper Eventbrite alternative for nonprofits. We offer:

  • Transparent, reduced nonprofit rates that can be passed on to the buyer at checkout or absorbed.
  • Nonprofit-specific tools to help you collect more data from every attendee.
  1. There are NO subscription or event fees. List and sell as many tickets as you want.
  2. Our discounted service fee for nonprofits is 1.5% plus $0.50 per ticket sold.
  3. The Stripe or PayPal merchant account you use to process ticket sales and donations with Ticketstripe is owned by you. Stripe’s payment processing fee is 2.9% of the total transaction. If you’ve secured special nonprofit pricing from either Stripe or PayPal, your merchant rates will be even lower.

Let’s look at our example fundraising event when you use Ticketstripe to sell tickets online. 300 tickets at $50 apiece would look like this:

  • $0 Subscription or Event fees
  • $375 in Ticketstripe Service fees
  • $549 in Stripe or PayPal Payment processing fees (or lower if you qualify)

Total fees paid by the buyer: $924
Organizer net proceeds: $15,000
Fees saved: $698

Alternative to Eventbrite for Nonprofits

Who Can Take Advantage of Reduced Service Fees?

  • Nonprofits
  • Charities
  • Fundraisers
  • Faith-based Events
  • Community Events
  • Class Reunions

Our goal is to help as many charitable events as possible. Therefore, we do not require you to be a registered 501(c)(3) organization to qualify for Ticketstripe’s lower rates.

In addition, Ticketstripe offers:

  • Zero fees for free, comped, or manually entered tickets.
  • Zero fees for any tickets sold for cash at the door.

Nonprofit Tools

Mix & Match Donations

Nonprofits thrive on donations. Ticketstripe makes it easy to collect them.

  • Flexible donations allow donors to give what they can.
  • Suggested donations help your donors avoid decision fatigue.
  • Tiered donations give Sponsors special perks and admission (like swag, placements, and VIP tickets).

Tax Write-Offs Written In

Many donors choose to give because such donations can be written off as deductions at the end of the year. To do that, they need to know the Fair Market Value of any charitable purchase. Ticketstripe allows you to set a Fair Market Value that will appear on your donor’s receipt to make tax time much easier for them and you.

Grow Your List Without Lifting a Finger

Any nonprofit organizer will tell you the success of an event often relies on attracting the right attendees. Attracting those big donors and generous patrons depends on targeting the right audience with the right message. Our Ticket Bundles allow you to easily collect valuable, individual attendee information that can be used to grow your lists and build targeted marketing campaigns.

Groups and organizations will often buy many tickets at once. This can cause confusion and delay entry on event day when 12 people show up with only the buyer’s name on a ticket. While having the buyer’s contact information is great, you could multiply your reach by automatically collecting information on every attendee with whom the buyer shares tickets.

Bundling table seats or individual admission tickets into a Ticket Bundle triggers the electronic process by which the Buyer can email tickets to individuals, and the recipient can claim the ticket after entering their information. The whole process takes just seconds, and there is no need for an attendee to create an account. Just one more benefit of using an Eventbrite alternative that cares about nonprofits!

Eliminate Distraction

Whereas Eventbrite shows competing events and advertisements on your event page, we want to shine the spotlight on your organization and eliminate distractions that interrupt the buying process. Personalizing your event page with a logo, background colors, and image is a cinch and plays an important role in getting a buyer or donor to give up their hard-earned money.

Ticketstripe Event PagesMaking your organization and message the focus on an event page has been proven to:

  • Reduce ticket buyer and donor confusion.
  • Eliminate the risk of buyers getting distracted at checkout.
  • Increase the likelihood of a successful ticket purchase or donation.
  • Increase brand recognition and engagement.
  • Increase trust.

The Online Ticketing Platform Built for Nonprofits

Ticketstripe is an Eventbrite alternative that values nonprofits. Yes, our lower fees will save you thousands of dollars on your events. But it’s the extra nonprofit tools we offer and the ability to connect with your audience that make us the better choice for your event.

It’s nice to save money. Collaborating with a company that understands and values you and your work is even nicer.

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