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Nonprofit tools

Tools that help nonprofits bring more people together and multiply donation opportunities:

  • Unlimited ticket types
  • Flexible donations
  • Donation tiers
  • Customizable tickets
  • Custom order forms
  • Sponsor & packaged tickets
  • Attendee management
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Expedite check-in with the mobile app
  • Sell tickets and merchandise on site with the mobile app
  • Real-time reporting
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Fees & payments

We are proud to offer nonprofits, charities and fundraisers selling tickets online a discounted service fee of 1.50 % + $ 0.50 per ticket.
Free tickets, manual orders, and cash sales are always free.

  • Sell tickets online in 135+ currencies
  • Sell tickets at-the-door with our mobile app
  • Accept debit/credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Klarna
  • Pass on all fees to the buyer
  • Funds are deposited into merchant account after every sale
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Ticketstripe Fees vs. Competitors’

  • Ticketstripe
  • Competitor
  • Competitor
  • Competitor
  • Competitor

Create your event

  • Private brand your event page for a seamless customer experience with a logo, photo, and event description.
  • Start selling tickets immediately after connecting to your merchant (Stripe or PayPal).
  • Raise more money by passing on fees to the buyer and adding donation options.
  • Collect more attendee data from sponsor, table, or group tickets with Ticket Bundles.
  • Save time by entering offline orders into Ticketstripe to automatically generate electronic tickets.
  • Relax knowing you are in complete control of your funds.
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Reach more people

  • Promotional Tools – Use the button widget to add an event page to your website. Share your event on social media with built in sharing tools.
  • Mobile Friendly – Make it easy for attendees to view your event pages on mobile devices, purchase tickets, and make donations.
  • Affiliate Accounts – Amplify your efforts with trackable promoter accounts that help drive more traffic and sales.
  • Collect more attendee data from sponsor, table, or group tickets with Ticket Bundles.
  • Optimized for Visibility – SEO-optimized event pages and custom URLs help you reach more people through organic searches.

Real time insights help you manage smarter

Track ticket sales and donations in real time to quickly identify which channels or
affiliate accounts are bringing results.

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All-in-one ticketing platform for tickets and donations

“Ticketstripe was fantastic. We so appreciated how this worked for us. We were able to determine what people were able to eat, their email, phone numbers, and addresses. I would definitely highly recommend using Ticketstripe for anyone wanting to raise money for a good cause. Their personal touch was amazing. We were able to raise $75,000 for our cause and we were thrilled with their performance. We will definitely use them again for all our fundraising events!”

Gladys Van Otteren

The best online ticket sales platform for nonprofits

Manage Smarter

  • Unlimited ticket types
  • Unlimited affiliate accounts
  • Customer data collection
  • Ticket bundles
  • Group ticket management
  • Manual order entry
  • Real time reporting
  • Streamlined check-in with the app
  • At-the-door sales with the app
  • Discounted fees for nonprofits
  • Pass all fees to the buyer
  • Get paid after every sale

Accept Donations Online

Accept pay-what-you-wish, suggested, and flexible donations in multiple currencies.

Set up donation tiers that incentivize giving by offering a reward and instant gratification. Rewards can be tangible items or titles you bestow upon the donor in relation to your fundraising.

With over 60% of donations happening on a mobile device, our responsive event and checkout pages are optimized for all screen sizes.

Collect More Attendee Data

Ticket bundles allow you to combine available tickets together and create a package, i.e. sponsor tickets, table or group tickets.

The bundle purchaser can share the individual tickets via a one-click, no login necessary link. The recipient must fill out any required information set by the organizer to claim the electronic ticket. The result is more attendee data collection and tracking without any additional time or effort.

Search & Social

Reach more donors with event pages that showcase your organization and are easy to share on social platforms.

Search engine optimized event pages help you capture more people through keyword searches and local results on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Attract Sponsors

Entice sponsors to support your charity event or fundraiser in exchange for prominent branding on every digital ticket.

Personalize your charity’s digital tickets with sponsor logos, images or other advertisements announcing upcoming events. Leverage this powerful method to increase customer retention without increasing your marketing budget.

Data Driven Campaigns

Track sales channels and make informed decisions with real-time reporting.

Track paid campaigns outside of Ticketstripe with Facebook and Google pixel tracking.

Segment and export customer data to use with targeted email marketing campaigns.


We give you tools to help stay compliant with the latest privacy laws and regulations. You control your attendee data – we only process it for you. Unlike other ticketing and event management platforms that monetize your data, we will never share or use your attendee data for our own purposes. Your data is yours to keep or delete.


Organizer and attendee support is available via email, online chat and phone appointments, in addition to the online help center.

Our demo for nonprofits answer most questions about our platform. However, additional platform training is provided upon request.

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