Event Day Check In Tips

Insider Tips for a Swift Check-In on Event Day

When planning an event, it’s easy to focus on the big to-dos. And while securing the venue, sorting out the food, arranging the entertainment, and selling tickets are all important, one aspect that’s easy to overlook until showtime is how you’ll manage check-in and ticket sales at the door on Event Day.

As Ticketstripe’s director of customer experience, Nicole works closely with event organizers to prepare for events and ensure a memorable experience for all. We asked her to share insights to help organizers determine how many check-in staff are needed, and other tips to help an event run smoothly from the very start.

What are your top tips for a smooth and fast check-in?

First, communicate with your attendees in advance. This can be done in two key ways:

  • Use your event page to tell your guests what they need to know about the event, wardrobe considerations, if lounge chairs are allowed, parking info, etc.
  • Email attendees with clear and regular communication leading up to the event. In Ticketstripe’s Email Attendee section, you can segment emails by ticket types, customizing your message for various groups of ticket buyers.If you sold Ticket Bundles (packages, reserved tables, sponsors), remind them to share tickets via their Ticketstripe Wallet. Multiple reminders are key.One week and 24 hours before the event, email all your attendees with event information, such as directions, parking, and other reminders.

Second, streamline your check-in process with these essential steps:

  • Ensure your staff is well-trained on the app ahead of the event so there is no confusion or last-minute stress the day of. Ticketstripe enables you to add multiple users to your account. You can have some staff deal exclusively with checking people in and others with box office roles who help with ticket sales and check-in.Create a few test orders in the Orders section of your event, print out those sample tickets, and schedule practice sessions so the staff is comfortable with the app.
  • Set up designated lines for larger events. For example, if you sold Ticket Bundles, but see that not all shared tickets have been claimed, set up a line for Unclaimed Tickets with a staff member available to assist anyone with questions.Depending on the size of your event and how early you want your attendees to arrive, you may need multiple entry points or just one.
  • Have a visible QR code linking to your event page at all entrances. This enables guests waiting in line to purchase tickets via your event page while others are being checked in or paying at the door.”

What are some considerations when selling tickets at the door?

“First and foremost, make sure you have tickets set to continue selling on event day. With tickets available from your event page and a printed QR code your attendees can scan at the entrances, guests can purchase tickets directly and go right in. Combined with Ticketstripe’s box office app, selling tickets is fast and lines move quickly.

“Our app lets the Box Office user check in the attendee on the same screen as accepting payment, so the guest can enter immediately versus having to wait in another line.

“Which payment methods you can accept at the door with the app will depend on which payment processor you connected to in your Ticketstripe account. With a U.S.-based Stripe account, you can accept credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay at the door. You can accept cash payments with either processor.”

How many check-in attendants should you have at an event?

“This all depends on your event setup and audience.

“For larger events, you may want separate lines for VIP, general admission, unclaimed tickets, and at-the-door ticket buyers. Both checking in attendees and selling tickets with the Ticketstripe app is quick, which makes for happy attendees.

“Knowing your audience is important because their needs will differ depending on the demographic. Some groups might be more chatty and need help getting their tickets ready—or they may not have brought them. This is easily handled by looking up their name in the app. Others might take longer because they did not save their tickets to a phone wallet and have to dig through their emails. Again, looking up an attendee by name or email is easy on the Ticketstripe mobile app. But a good tip is to have the Recover Tickets link visible for anyone who needs to retrieve their ticket from our website.”

Any other planning tips that can help on event day?

“You’ll want to ensure that every check-in agent’s device has a data/Internet connection and is logged in to the app before guests arrive.

“And don’t underestimate the importance of your door staff. Some attendees require more patience than others. Recruit people who will treat your customers with care, and you’ll ensure a memorable experience for all!”