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How to accept donations?

We offer organizers three effective ways to accept donations.

1. Suggested Donations
2. Flexible Donations
3. Donation Tiers

Four examples to help you decide which feature will work best for you:

  • If you want the donor to enter an amount, use Flexible Donations.
    when to use flexible donations
  • To suggest multiple donation amounts under one title, use Suggested Donations.
    when to use suggested donations
  • If the donation does NOT include admission, use Donations to create either a suggested or flexible donation item.
  • If the donation DOES include admission, then a bar code will need to be issued for entry. You can use either Donations + Ticket Bundles OR create this donation as you would any other Ticket. The example below is for Donations + Ticket Bundledonation with ticket admission

Suggested Donations

Suggested Donations allow the organizer to add up to seven suggested donation amounts per donation entry for the donor to choose from, including a pay-what-you-wish option.

There is no limit to the amount of Donations you can create.

Here’s how to create a suggested donation:

1.  Log into your Ticketstripe account

2.  Select your event

3.  Click on Donations from the left menu

4.  Click the +Donations button

5.  Enter the Title for your donation i.e. Champion Supporter Donation
(Best practice is to include “Donation” in the Title unless you will add a short description from More Options”

6.  By default three boxes with suggested dollar amounts will display. You can modify those amounts, delete them, or add additional suggested amounts (up to seven) per donation entry.

suggested donations

7.  If you want to allow the donor to enter a custom donation amount, tick this box and add the minimum donation amount you are willing to accept.flexible donations

8.  Clicking on More Options will allow you to do the following:

    • Add a Short Description that will display next to this donation on the Event Page
    • Enter Start and Stop dates
    • Enter Fair Market Value for this donation
    • Select Your Fee Option
      – Pass all fees to the buyer
      – Absorb all fees (merchant and service)
      – Pass the service fees to the buyer and absorb the merchant fees
    • Select the Sales Channels you want this donation to be available on
    • Enter a Message which will display on the receipt after purchase
    • Enter a Quantity if you choose to limit how many donations you will accept

9.   Click Save at the bottom of the page to add your donation.

10. Click View in the top right corner to view how your donation looks on your event page.

Flexible Donations and “pay-what-you-wish” (PWYW)

This feature allows the donor to enter their own donation amount. Giving donors the freedom to enter an amount that works for them is not only considerate, it also prevents them from feeling overwhelmed with options.

The flexible donation option can be added to any existing suggested donation or it can be its own Donation item.

1.   To create only a flexible donation without any suggested amounts, follow the steps above for Suggested Donations, but click the Trash Icon to the right of the three default Suggested Amount boxes.

2.   When you have completed entering all the information, click Save to add your flexible donation.

Donation Tiers

Donation tiers allow your donors to easily select the right donation for them. If you intend for each tier to have one set price and it includes admission, you can create it as a ticket or a donation.

To create a donation that includes admission tickets: 

1.  First create the admission ticket you want to include with this donation

2.  Next follow the steps above from Suggested Donations

2.  Click More Options

3.  Tick the Box next to “Donation includes admission

4.  Click the drop down arrow under Admission Ticket to view your available tickets. Select the appropriate ticket.

Ticket Bundle

5.  Enter the Quantity of tickets this donation entry should include

6.  Click Save

Tips For Creating Donation Tiers

Studies show that creating 4-6 donation tiers or giving levels drives donations. This allows your donors to easily select the right tier for them.

When creating Donation Tiers it’s important to keep the descriptions short and select tiers that appeal to your audience.

Every Nonprofit is unique, so you will know best how to structure, name and describe your tiers. However, here are a few examples of what other Nonprofit customers have used:

Person-to-Person Tiers
$100 Covers 12 months of training for one child
$200 Trains two community violence prevention activists for a full year

$25 Covers one co-pay for a doctor’s visit or a prescription
$50 Provides nutritious groceries for one senior (age 65+) in need

$75 One 60 minute personalized yoga grief session
$150 Cover a month of grief support groups

$25 Slam Dunk
$50 Grand Slam
$75 Touchdown


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