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How To Switch to Stripe Merchant

Resetting your merchant connection from PayPal to Stripe takes a few short steps:

  1. Sign up for a Stripe account here.
  2. Email support with your Support Pin and your request to switch merchants. This will authorize us to initiate the process. Your support pin can be found here.
  3. Support will email you back confirming your PayPal merchant has been disconnected so that you may login and connect your Ticketstripe account with Stripe:
    1. Log in to your Ticketstripe account and go into My Account > Payments section
    2. Click Connect with Stripe
    3. Enter the email address associated with your Stripe account

IMPORTANT: If you already sold tickets with PayPal, you will receive a final invoice from Ticketstripe for service fees on Tickets sold up through the time you disconnect your account from PayPal and connect to Stripe.

During the time you are disconnected from PayPal you will not be able to sell tickets. Therefore, we recommend connecting to Stripe as soon as you receive notice from our Support team to avoid interruptions in ticket sales.

Once you have connected with Stripe you will have the option to pass on the credit card merchant fees to your buyers along with the service fees. If you already have tickets created, be sure to go back into each Ticket listed and:

  • Click More Options
  • Under Fees, select the drop down option “Pass all fees to the buyer” as shown here:

pass on merchant fees




From now on all fees will be deducted automatically and you will receive the full value of your ticket price.

Need help signing up with Stripe?

This brief article answers the most common questions people have when signing up with Stripe.

When will I get my first deposit?

For new Stripe accounts, the very first ticket sale deposit will take 7 days while Stripe verifies your bank information. After that, ticket sale proceeds for most accounts will automatically be deposited within 2 business days if you are based in the United States and within 3 days for Canada and EU countries.


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