If you're thinking "there has to be an easier, cheaper way to sell tickets online", you've found it!

The Best Website to Sell Tickets

best website to sell tickets

Have you spent hours trying to figure out features on a ticketing system only to get blocked by an “upgrade” button? Are the fees on your ticketing platforms adding up? Stop paying for the features you need when you can get them for free. When you have questions a real person is just an email or phone call away.

website to sell tickets

Every minute counts for an event organizer juggling, well… everything. That’s why we made it possible for you to communicate with your ticket buyers and collect important customer data right from your ticketing platform. More integrated management tools means more “me time” for you!

best website for nonprofits to sell tickets

Every ticket you sell with Ticketstripe enables us to give back to a growing community of nonprofit, charitable and fundraising organizations. And more tickets sold for nonprofit events means more funds to help promote those causes. That’s a win-win for everyone!

How to Sell Tickets Online

RECOMMENDED METHOD: Sell Tickets Online with a Ticketing Platform that Saves Busy Organizers Time and Money!

What you get with Ticketstripe:

  • Intuitive platform that’s easy to use
  • Unlimited, personalized event pages that are easy to view and purchase from on any device
  • Unlimited ticket types, including hidden tickets
  • Website button widget
  • Secure payment processor so you can accept credit card payments or donations online in multiple currencies
  • Daily deposits when you connect your Stripe account with Ticketstripe
  • Immediate funding when you connect your PayPal with Ticketstripe
  • Real-time reporting for deeper insights
  • Time saving event management tools
  • Money saving marketing tools
  • Fast attendee check-in with the mobile app
  • Box office via the app lets you sell tickets at the door
  • Help from our real customer support team (not bots)


  • Easy to use means “frustration-free”
  • Quick set-up puts time back in your pocket
  • All our tools are available to use, not price-walled behind expensive plan tiers, saving you hard-earned money
  • Efficient management & marketing tools help you organize a memorable event with the least amount of effort
  • Daily deposits ensure cash flow before the event instead of making you wait until after to collect sales
  • Competitive low service fees (paid by ticket buyer) means happier, repeat customers for you

Want to sell tickets online just using your own website and merchant account?

What you need to do:

  • Design, implement and optimize event pages on your website that are viewable across all modern devices and browsers
  • Implement e-commerce functionality on your website
  • Optimize the shopping cart pages to be search engine and mobile device friendly/responsive
  • Ensure that your pages are secure and in compliance with strict merchant requirements (PCI compliance)
  • Apply for and integrate a merchant account
  • Design and implement your Ticket(s) considering a variety of delivery methods customers expect
  • Add social sharing buttons to your event page to enable easy sharing
  • Implement reporting to:
    • keep track of attendee information
    • keep track of payments and refunds
    • export attendee information
    • track traffic sources

What you need to know:

  • Your merchant bank will charge between 2.5-5% plus $0.20 – 0.30 cents per transaction
  • Your internet gateway will likely also have a monthly fee plus a transactional fee
  • You may not be able to pass the credit card fees on to the ticket buyer
  • Development costs are not only a sizeable investment but will also take time
  • You will need to maintain yourself or pay for maintenance of your website and all the plugins/functionality related to ticket sales

How seamless is your attendee’s check-in experience going to be without a mobile app? With long lines at the door you risk losing a repeat customer.

You don’t need to be a web expert to sell tickets online. Sign up today to start selling tickets online with a fully-featured ticketing platform that strips away all the complexity.

Fast Payments

Because you shouldn’t have to wait until
your event is over to get paid

Low service fees

Regular Events

2.50% + $0.99

Per ticket sold

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Nonprofit Events

1.50% + $0.50

Per ticket sold

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Accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal and Venmo. Accept multiple currencies. Service fees are typically paid buy the ticket buyer, but organizers have the option to absorb fees.

Sell tickets online with Stripe

Fast payment

Ticketstripe makes it easy to sell tickets online by letting you connect with either a Stripe or PayPal merchant account. Stripe is one of the world’s leading secure payment providers that deposits funds within two days of each ticket purchase and enables you to accept payments in 135+ currencies worldwide.

  • No set up fees
  • No monthly fees
  • No contracts

Free for Free events

Free events are always free to list and promote with Ticketstripe. You get unrestricted access to all our tools and your attendees never have to pay service fees.

Get Started Selling Tickets in 3 Simple Steps

Create a free Ticketstripe account and connect to PayPal or Stripe.

Fill in your event details and list your tickets for sale.

Expand your reach with our built-in promotional tools and monitor your success with real-time reporting.

Customizable event pages, unlimited ticket types, multiple payment processors, recurring event options, mobile check-in app; all in one easy-to-use ticketing platform.

Trusted by thousands of event organizers for over 15 years.

How to Host a Successful Event with Ticketstripe

  1. Create your event page. This is your main event page. Tell your attendees what they need to know about your event.
  2. Choose your payment processing method.  Ticketstripe makes it easy to connect to a Stripe or PayPal account to sell tickets online.
  3. Create your tickets. Free admission, general tickets, VIP tickets, promotional tickets, sponsor tickets, or donation tickets are all common ticket types.
  4. Publish your event page and start selling.
  5. Promote your event everywhere your buyers are online.
    1. Targeted social, email, and video campaigns
    2. Traditional media outlets
    3. Persuade influencers to spread the word
    4. Do give-aways and promotional merchandise (swag)
    5. Get Sponsors

6. Use real time analytics to make informed decisions.

7. Start promoting your next event now.

a. Use this event ticket to start advertising your next event by adding upcoming event details to the bottom of each ticket

b. Save this audience for future event emails and social campaigns

8. Email ticket buyers the day before the event with relevant event details right from your Ticketstripe dashboard.

9. Check-in attendees quickly and efficiently with our iPhone or Android mobile app, or via a printed attendee list.

10. Take lots of photos and videos. Post these during and after the event on social media for maximum engagement.

Getting Started is Easy

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4 Tips to Help You Sell More Tickets Online To Your Event

Show the man behind the Green Curtain

Create richer personal experiences for your fans by “going beyond the veil” and giving customers a sneak peek into the inner workings of your brand. It builds a story and that creates die-hard fans, increasing lifetime per-customer profits.

Learn more

Tap into Human Emotion

“Emotions don’t hinder decisions. They constitute the foundation on which they’re made!” – Douglas Van Praet, founder of “Unconscious Branding”.

Tap into the desire to be happy by promoting the joy of attending your events. Tap into the fear of missing out with “for one night only” verbiage and “sold-out” to open up the opportunity for premium and VIP upsells. Tap into the “helper’s high” with hopeful images and messaging that reminds us of how much good our small donation can really do. Use that emotional appeal to make your advertisements stand out and increase sales. And don’t forget to ask for that share!

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Attract Quality Partners

What makes a good partner? Look for well-known names in your area (whether it’s industry related or media partners). You want that brand recognition to work for you. Ensure they have the pull necessary to do what you need them to.  You need someone who can invest the time, effort, and funds necessary to make your event a success.

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Know Your Customer and use the 80/20 Rule

It’s easy to think casting a wider net will bring in more profits. More tickets sales means more dollars, right? Not always. The Pareto principle states that “for many events, roughly 80% of sales come from 20% of customers”.

While it may seem counterproductive to limit the scope of your advertising, by knowing who your audience is and who it isn’t you can tap into that hardcore fan base and actually attract more dedicated fans—which generate a larger percentage of your profits both now and at future events.

Learn more