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How to enter offline orders

Is there a way to enter externally placed orders and donations into Ticketstripe so all of our customer data is in one place?

Yes! When an organizer receives a sponsor donation(s) or ticket payment via cash, check or credit card externally, they have the ability to enter those orders into their Ticketstripe dashboard and automatically generate an email confirmation for the recipient. If the order was for a donation or will-call ticket, the recipient will receive a receipt. If the order was for a ticket purchase, the recipient will receive a receipt with the electronic ticket(s).

All manual orders entered do not incur merchant or service fees as these orders were not placed via Ticketstripe. To enter an offline order:

  • Log in to your Ticketstripe account
  • Click on Orders from the left menu
  • Click the +Create Order button
  • Select the Item purchased and enter Quantity for each
  • Click Continue
  • Enter the Customer Information into the Cart section
  • Select the Payment method from the dropdown options
  • Tick the box in order to have Ticketstripe “Send a confirmation email to the customer
  • Click Record Order

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