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Why am I getting invoiced for fees?

Why am I getting invoiced for fees?

When you connect your Ticketstripe account to PayPal to sell tickets online, Ticketstripe’s service fees are not deducted automatically. These service fees are billed to you via a PayPal invoice twice a month for fees on tickets sold up through the date of the invoice.

What if I passed on the service fee to my ticket buyers?

When you elect to pass on Ticketstripe’s service fee to your buyers (the default option), the full value of your ticket + Ticketstripe’s service fee is being paid by your ticket buyers and deposited into your PayPal account with every purchase.

Why is PayPal deducting fees from my ticket sales?

PayPal deducts their credit card processing (merchant) fees from every transaction. Ticketstripe does not control the merchant fee and PayPal does not allow you to pass that fee on to the customer.

For example, if you list a $50 ticket and choose to pass on Ticketstripe’s service fee to the customer, the customer will pay $50 + the service fee per ticket. PayPal will deduct their credit card processing merchant fee before depositing the $50 + the service fee into your account. You can log in to your PayPal account and click on any order to view the PayPal merchant fee deducted.

This is also described on your merchant page.

How can I pay Ticketstripe’s invoice?

You can pay the invoice using funds from your PayPal account or via debit or credit card. At times we may accept physical checks from nonprofit organizations. Please contact us for more information.

What are the terms of the invoice?

Invoices are due upon receipt and considered overdue if not paid within seven days of the due date.

What happens if I have an overdue invoice?

Overdue invoices are subject to late fees and Ticketstripe account restrictions. If an invoice is more than 30 days overdue your Ticketstripe account may be suspended and the invoice forwarded to collections. These actions are a last resort and we will always attempt to communicate with you regarding any delinquent account status.

How can I get the service fees deducted automatically?

Service fees can be deducted automatically if you switch from PayPal to Stripe. Check out this article to help you decide if switching to Stripe is the best solution for you.

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