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An Online Ticket Sales Platform That Pays Right Away

Have you ever imagined a perfect world? A world where online ticket sales climb until they are sold out way in advance. A world where you didn’t have a hundred things to worry about before an event.

It takes a lot of heart, soul, and work to plan a successful event. That’s why Ticketstripe exists! You can’t always predict online ticket sales but you can have a genius ticketing platform that simply works. Ticketstripe makes it easier to manage your event, get paid fast, and best of all—make your guests happy while keeping staff and volunteers relaxed.

Fast Payouts With Stripe

Good things are worth waiting for but not when it comes to your money. Take the express lane to the money train (Choo! Choo!). Access funds faster with daily deposits when you connect a Stripe account.


We all know budgeting for an event is an ongoing challenge. A day late can leave you a dollar short. Although most people buy tickets within weeks of an event, instant access to funds gives you some leverage to better plan your budget.

You Should Know: We recommend Stripe, especially for large events. They are a little gentler with chargebacks and nonprofit fees than other platforms.

Low Pricing Without Sneaky Hidden Fees

We keep our prices low because we put people over profits. We would rather build strong, mutually beneficial relationships than make a quick buck. It’s free to sign up and you get full access to all the tools you need for online ticket sales.

Some online ticket sales services get you hooked on their product before you realize that you have to pay to actually do what you need to. We don’t do financial Judo. We’re not going to twist your arm with sneaky pricing tiers.

There are no hidden fees for additional features. By default, options are set to be passed on to the attendees so you receive the full price of the ticket.

We Are Nonprofit Committed

The world needs love and every worthy cause deserves all the help it can get. To show our appreciation for all the lovely people who are giving back—we offer special pricing for nonprofits and charities.

Events are a great way to raise money but it takes a tremendous amount of financial resources to pull one off. We know how important it is to make sure that everything is properly accounted for. If you need assistance to address specific requirements, we are here to help.

Why Choose Ticketstripe for Online Ticket Sales?

The best way to stay in control of your online ticket sales is with a ticketing platform. You’ll have all the features and tools you need to sell any kind of ticket. Manage online ticket sales and use data to connect the dots to save time and make more money.

Make Your Guests Happy

Check-ins are fast and efficient with our app. After all the prep is done and you have all your ducks in a row, the time has finally come. The moment of truth: admissions.

Human nature is a funny thing. If you have a big event, the time it takes to scan tickets adds up quickly. Long lines can drain enthusiasm and spoil a promising event. Keep the momentum rolling and start things off right with a smooth check-in.

Keep Your Employees and Volunteers Relaxed

Ticketstripe loads event data quickly so employees can relax and focus on welcoming the attendees.

Need extra hands at the event? Check-in with multiple devices simultaneously. The Ticketstripe app is compatible with both iOS and Android so anyone on your team can download it. Each device will sync to your account in real-time.

Get The VIP Treatment With Committed Customer Service

We know how difficult it is to coordinate an event. All of the logistics and requirements can be a nightmare. It’s a constant balance between time, money, staff, and space. When you partner with us, we give you the VIP treatment.

We believe in building relationships based on mutual benefit and trust. Our customer service is fast and you can reach your dedicated rep by phone during business hours or by email 24/7.

Manage Everything in One Place

Get the power of a stadium-quality online ticket sales system to automate the administration process. Whether you are expecting 100 people or 10,000, you’ll have a one-stop shop where you can keep track of everything before, during, and after the event.

Power Up Your Marketing Game

Never miss a sale or donation again! An improved online ticket sales process can help supercharge your marketing efforts. Ticketstripe is entirely mobile so you can track donations anywhere, anytime, and ultimately find ways to create a better experience for event-goers.

  • Strengthen one-on-one relationships with customers
  • Simple and easy integration
  • User-friendly task management
  • Generate leads
  • Automate invoices and receipts
  • Manage feedback
  • Improve retention rate

You Should Know: Before the event, build excitement by highlighting the pre-event process. Conduct interactive sessions with remote audiences and make promo videos to create a buzz around the event. After the event is over, take everyone for a stroll down memory lane with post-event highlights.

Connecting the Dots With Onsite Insight

Getting to know your attendees is important for customer satisfaction as well as accountability and security. The more you know about your attendees, whether it be their check-in time, ticket type, or their food and beverage preferences—the more special you can make their experience.

Who? What? Why? How?

Data-driven solutions can help you answer the Who, What, Why, and How of your event. Some of the most successful marketing teams rely on mountains of information to get answers to obvious and not so obvious tactical questions.

Who is my current audience?

Who should my audience be?

Who should I offer discounts and special offers to?

What segments should I target?

What can I do to nurture my existing audience?

What can I do to develop a new audience?

Why do people attend?

Why are we successful at attracting existing attendees?

Why do potential attendees not attend?

How do I know if the event is underselling or overselling in advance?

How can I increase attendance for the next event?

How can I reach our new customers?

Stay Safe and Secure

Collect customer data and process credit card information without the need for software. Ticketstripe has been trusted by organizers for over 15 years. We keep your data private, safe, and secure.

Easy integration with Stripe helps takes care of the financial heavy lifting and removes the barriers of payment processing. Fraud prevention is also a necessary part of online security. Ticketstripe is scalp-proof and you have the option to allow or deny multiple scans to prevent double-dipping.

Host the Event of Your Dreams

The past year and a half was rocky, to say the least. But now as people are getting more comfortable and virtual events are becoming more popular, there are lots of opportunities to bring everybody together again.

You have enough to worry about when you are organizing an event, especially if you are expecting a big crowd. Your ticketing system shouldn’t be one of them. If you want to keep your employees happy and event-goers satisfied, we are here to help. Download the app for your next event and join thousands of happy event organizers and business owners who use Ticketstripe.

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