events during COVID

Events in the Face of COVID

It’s safe to say there is nothing like a live event. In-person events are experiences that connect us to each other and the world– through art, music, ambiance, and universal truths. They can open minds, hearts and jumpstart new points of view. After a life-altering year, we’re all eager to get back to live entertainment.

But, as group regulations are in flux, people and venues are cautious about bigger gatherings. We understand! We’re here to cheer creative adjustments and share insights into where the future of live events is headed. And, to remind you that come snow, sleet, or COVID- art will persist!

  1. Virtual Events Virtual events have birthed new life due to COVID. Pre-pandemic, location, location, location ruled supreme. Now audiences of rich and varied backgrounds have access to world-class entertainment from their living rooms. Artists of all different sectors have gained new fans by opening their shows to the digital masses. Online augmented reality events have dazzled the senses and taken audiences to new dimensions, and Broadway’s hottest playwrights have offered Zoom theatre. While nothing can replace an in-person experience, virtual events mold incredible new opportunities for artists and audiences alike. Even when things fully resume- we expect there to be online options.
  2. Storefront Events There’s something bohemian and old-world romantic about sitting/standing outside while performers create an experience in a store window. So, in 2021, we’re toasting to storefront events. While this style of show had previously been reserved for avant-garde theatre, it’s lending its talents to a host of new creatives. Musicians, cabaret acts, and more can connect closer with their viewers while maintaining a social distance. Check your local haunts to see if they’re putting up any storefront events!
  3. Reducing Audience Size One of the things we’ve missed the most as a collective is being in a room with people! Reducing audience size for events is just the ticket as we transition back to a semblance of normal. This allows for a live experience while also creating a rare intimacy between performer and patron in this digital age. Being part of a handful to experience this event makes it all the more special. As so many of us have craved artistic spaces, this baby step is exhilarating!

COVID-19 has had devastating effects on the live-entertainment community. Hundreds of thousands of creatives have been in limbo, waiting for a triumphant return with bated breath. As we’re beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel- we can all do our part to keep our community safe and healthy. Then we can return to sweating, dancing, and partying in stadiums! While live events will undoubtedly look different in the coming years, we’re encouraged by these steps to continue to make magic.

We can’t wait to see you out there.

Photo Credit Kara Muse